Liberty Loop Roseate Spoonbill!

~Wow! Roseate Spoonbill at the Liberty Loop, 07/22/18. Photo by Linda Scrima.~ 

I wonder how many people can say they saw breeding Common Loons with a chick in the morning and a Roseate Spoonbill in the afternoon? Without taking a flight? I’m guessing not too many, if any at all, but that’s exactly what Kyle Dudgeon and I did today. Just as we were wrapping  up our yearly trip to the Adirondacks after a morning of kayaking in the rain (and swimming in Kyle’s case) with Common Loons, I got a phone call from Linda Scrima. She had located a ROSEATE SPOONBILL at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge’s Liberty Loop. Apparently  a photo of a ROSP had been posted to the refuge’s Facebook page and Linda followed up on it early this morning and found the bird on the west side of the loop, just over the border into Sussex County, New Jersey. As Kyle and I got on the road, we did some quick figuring and we knew that we would certainly try for the spoonbill. Five or so hours later, we headed down the trail and joined a number of birders and photographers gathered to see the bird. It was very strange to me to see this bird up in our area, after having previously only seen them in their normal range of Florida and Texas.  It was a life bird for Kyle, so that was exciting. The bird spent the duration of our time there partially hidden by vegetation, so Linda sent me one of her pics from earlier in the day to use for this post – thanks Linda!

I have a good number of Common Loon photos to get through, but I will post in the next day or so; it’s one of my favorite posts of the year, so I’m looking forward to it. Here is a teaser from earlier this morning, during a break in the rain:

~Family love. I can’t get enough of these loons, they are just such great birds, beautiful, personable, and smart. Adirondacks, 07/22/18.~ 

9 thoughts on “Liberty Loop Roseate Spoonbill!”

    1. Ha ha, we didn’t do anything but show up! Incredible to have this bird right in our neck of the woods. Matt

  1. Wonder if this was the same bird that was near the Del.Water Gap several months ago. Great loon shots. You may remember that the official gift of the Canadian govt was oil painting of loons by the famous wildlife artist-Robert Bateman.

    1. I never knew about the oil painting of loons by Robert Bateman gift from the Canadian government to Prince Charles and Lady Di – I just googled it and it’s super. You learn something new every day. Matt

    1. Michael – thanks so much for the update, that must have been excellent to have both birds! Also, nice to have met you and your wife at the Liberty Loop platform earlier this evening, see you out there again soon, I hope. Matt

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