Sunday Shots, 08/07/22 – Things are Happening

At least shorebirds are moving to some extent at this point. You probably saw that I had an UPLAND SANDPIPER on Friday evening. On Saturday no one appears to have relocated the Uppy, but Bruce Nott did find 3 Caspian Terns at Cornwall Bay, and later in the evening I tried for the Uppy again and was rewarded with a flyover of 4 BLACK-BELLIED PLOVERS. I actually picked them up in a distant field, but they picked up an flew; as far as I know they didn’t return. It’s refreshing to see that fall migration is beginning; let’s hope for a good one.

~Least Bittern fledgling at 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary, 08/06/22.~
~Young Cooper’s Hawk in my yard, 08/05/22. It looks like this bird is flying right at me, but actually I was hidden in my screened in porch and the bird flew directly over.~
~My first Black-bellied Plovers of the season. It seems early to me, but I was thrilled to see them on Saturday, 08/06/22.~
~One of nearly 20 Horned Lark fledglings I saw in the black dirt on Friday night, 08/05/22.~

~A couple of young Brown-headed Cowbirds in the black dirt, 08;05/22.~

Orange County Upland Sandpiper, 08/05/22

Tonight after work I headed out to the black dirt again, and I finally caught up with my target bird for this week: UPLAND SANDPIPER! I was having a pleasant evening – it was birdy enough to keep me interested, it was Friday night, life was good. Then, life became excellent when I spotted an Upland Sandpiper hanging out with a couple of Killdeer. Unfortunately the bird flew not long after I found it. Linda Scrima joined me in the search, and she was able to relocate the bird, but only briefly before it flew again. Try as we might, we were unable to relocate the bird again before it got too dark.

~UPPY in the black dirt, 08/05/22.~
~High ISO (8000) Red Fox in the black dirt, 08/05/22.~

Beautiful Night in the Black Dirt, 08/01/22

Work has been super stressful for me lately, and as we all know so well, Mondays are the absolute worst. Usually birding is my respite from any worries in my life, and it’s normally particularly effective when it’s work related. But lately, even on good birding days, I haven’t been able to completely shake it and it’s taken some of the joy out of my birding. Tonight, however was different. It was a beautiful evening to get out, and as I entered the black dirt I could feel the tension leaving my body.

~Horned Lark in the black dirt, 08/01/22.~

It was pleasantly birdy in the black dirt, and then I had a really nice experience with one of my favorites – a Horned Lark. Horned Larks breed in the county, but really, I don’t see them all that often in the summer. So I was pretty happy to come across one this evening. To make it better, instead of the usual distant look, the bird was relatively close and slowly worked its way toward me, allowing for excellent looks and a chance to get some photos. It’s strange how things coalesce sometimes; the right bird at the right time, on a beautiful night in the black dirt.

~Red-tailed Hawk with prey, black dirt 08/01/22.~
~Mourning Dove in the black dirt, 08/01/22.~
~Savannah Sparrow in the black dirt, 08/01/22.~