Orange County Upland Sandpiper, 08/05/22

Tonight after work I headed out to the black dirt again, and I finally caught up with my target bird for this week: UPLAND SANDPIPER! I was having a pleasant evening – it was birdy enough to keep me interested, it was Friday night, life was good. Then, life became excellent when I spotted an Upland Sandpiper hanging out with a couple of Killdeer. Unfortunately the bird flew not long after I found it. Linda Scrima joined me in the search, and she was able to relocate the bird, but only briefly before it flew again. Try as we might, we were unable to relocate the bird again before it got too dark.

~UPPY in the black dirt, 08/05/22.~
~High ISO (8000) Red Fox in the black dirt, 08/05/22.~

4 thoughts on “Orange County Upland Sandpiper, 08/05/22”

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, Matt! Uppies in this area are a largely vanished breed. There has been no place where one could go and hope to see them with any faith for several years. If my memory is correct I believe it was you who was lucky enough to spot 2 or 3 while they were in the air last year. In addition to have gotten so good a photo is a special blessing. Thanks!

    1. Yeah, Ken I did have a flyover of 3 Uppies last year – thrilling and simulaneously disappointing. Tonight was a joy and I am thrilled. Thanks for checking in. Matt

  2. Great find, Matt. let’s hope it stays around for a little while for more of us to enjoy. Great fox sot, BTW!

    1. I tried for the bird early this morning Dave, but no luck. I may try again this evening. Good to hear from you. Matt

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