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DSC04515_crop[1]My name is Matt Zeitler. I live in the village of Goshen, which is in Orange County, New York. I have had an interest in birds for many years, since around 1999, but I never considered myself a birder. I just enjoyed seeing birds and watching their behavior. It wasn’t until the spring of 2011 that I began to make an effort to really learn about birds. I started getting out birding more often and I also began reading books and on the internet about identifying birds and about their behaviors.  I also started to take more photos of birds –   I was really enjoying the challenge of trying to get good pictures of birds. So now I am trying to improve my birding and my bird photography and I will be sharing my experiences on this blog. I hope you enjoy it.


Contact me at: orangebirdingdotcom@gmail.com

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  1. Matt, I didn’t realize you had this blog. It’s awesome! Keep it up… I made it a “favorite” website and will be sure to keep checking back!

  2. great job once again matt. i really enjoyed the latest blog… the amount of time you spend with these birds is amazing. What a peaceful hobby. Keep the pictures coming! I love the stories that go with it too, makes me feel more a part of what you’re experiencing. You are a very good writer.

  3. Matt you are so impressive. I absolutely love this blog. And I love that you are doing what you love. You are the best.

    1. Thanks Col and Meg! I have been getting a ton of positive feedback lately…It’s very exciting! Love you both. matt

  4. Hi Matt! I’m Karen Miller’s friend from MA. I really enjoy your blog! You have some pretty amazing shots! Hope you enjoy many more years of birding and learning…Happy New Year!

    1. Hi Sharon – I’ve been looking forward to birding with you! Hopefully one of these days when you get back to Orange County. Thanks for commenting, it always makes my day. I am glad you are enjoying the blog. Happy New Year, may it have many birds. matt

    1. Hey Steve! Glad you like the blog and thanks for the link. I had heard that there was at least 1 pair of nesting Bald Eagles in the Burgh, but I didn’t know there where three. Things sure have changed haven’t they? I hope things are good with you, ttys. matt

  5. Hi Matt,

    Some of your pictures are really good – – – and appreciated. What camera do you use and what is your favorite lens? Thank you!

    Bernie C.

    1. Thanks so much Bernie C., I’m glad you like them. I use a Canon T2i camera body and the only good lens that I have and that I use for all my bird photos is the Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS USM lens. I enjoy the versatility of having the zoom lens, but since I shoot almost everything at 400mm, I will probably go for a prime lens next for the improved clarity of the photos. Thanks for the comment, Matt

      1. Thanks Matt for your reply to my question about your camera. What really stood out for me was your response regarding your lens. I will look into that when I next visit the City to buy a camera and lens. Thanks again Bernie C

  6. Hello Matt, excellent blog ,excellent photos. keep up the great work . You inspire me to get out there even if it’s cold .Thanks for the f.b response. I am an amateur photographer living in ulster county in the town of Ellenville . I Recently purchased a kayak and hit the Basha Kill with my son and got lucky to see the bald eagle very close to us. I am trying to familiarize myself with this part of town. back in kingston . tivoli bays,kingston point, gruger island, etc was my playground. today sunday 12/1/2013 i will be hitting the shawangunk grasslands NWR i saw you got some great shots there. i am an early riser hopefully will be there @ 6:30ish and catch sunrise if i’m lucky. hope to meet you soon one day in the field.

    1. Thanks Eddie, I saw your post on FB – nice job! I’m glad the owls were up for you, I have never been out there in the morning, but I have heard that it can be hit or miss at that time.

      Hope to see you you out there too. Matt

  7. Matt, I plan to try to hit wallkill river NWR on Friday. My daughter lives in Vernon at the ski slopes. I go there through pine Island. what time of day would be best to hit the areas down there?

    1. Wilma,

      I would try to do early morning or in the evening. Both are better for birds and for the light. This time of year I would lean towards the morning since in the evening the light seems to disappear very quickly. BUT, if you go in the evening, I think you are more likely to see the Short-eared Owls. Let me know what you decide, if you go in the evening I will try to join you at around 4:00, if you don’t mind. Matt

  8. I am going to try to be there before 400 I am on call for the hospital at 6:30 so I have to be back near Middletown by 6:30 pm. I have a white Hyundai Santa Fe
    so you will know what car and I will have a long brown coat on maybe see you later. Wilma

  9. great photos of migrating birds – Awesome moment with the snow geese A group not so easy to find since they travel through so fast. Im a bit of a birder myself and appreciate your photos – Pine Island has been a favorite location of mine as well for years – and other locations around the county – I don’t have the big lens but I enjoy spotting them when I can. Thanks for posting

    1. Renee – Thanks for commenting and I’m glad you are appreciating the photos. Hopefully I’ll see you out there one day? Matt

  10. I was driving on rt 59 by the palisades center and an eagle flew right over head . I almost rear ended the car in front of me .

    1. Wow, great to see an eagle but that sounds scary! A co-worker of mine in Pittsburgh always said I was a good driver until there was a bird around… Matt

  11. Hi Matt,
    I really enjoy your photos. Among others, I like the layering quality of the water in the shot of the Western Grebe and the dramatic close-up of the Black Vulture. Keep them coming!


    1. I somehow missed this comment until just now, but thanks so much B.A.! I will definitely keep them coming, no doubt about it. Matt

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