Ireland Teaser

~European Goldfinch in Rossadillisk Townland, County Galway, Ireland 07/09/18.~

I had a fantastic week in Connemara, Ireland, a  district located on the west coast of the country, in the northwest corner of County Galway. The biggest surprise of the week was, in spite of renting a house right on the beach, I spent a large portion of my birding time with the local passerines. Songbirds were numerous on the road leading to our house and I walked it nearly every morning, trying to find and identify Irish passerines. I have loads of photos to get through, so I will put together a post or two as soon as I can. Until then, enjoy this European Goldfinch, a bird that reminded me very much of our own American Goldfinches.

8 thoughts on “Ireland Teaser”

    1. Thanks, John. I’ve been putting my eBird reports together – I’ll be curious as to how many lifers I’ll total. Matt

  1. Nice shot Matt
    It is so amazing the different combinations of
    colors in the birds in our world. It is a really
    sweet little guy.


  2. Thanks for the shot of the Eur. Goldfinch, by now I’m sure that you have added many new species. That Goldfinch is THE bird that brought Mary Buskey into our view and into the Mearns Club where she is a very much loved and valued member.
    Have lots of fun in Eire, Matt, where you will have been welcomed with CEAD MILLE FAILTE!

    1. I had to google it, but thanks so much Ken! I picked up 23 life birds on the trip, so that’s not too bad, lol. Much love to Mary B! Matt

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