Lapland Longspurs, 03/11/18

~Lapland Longspur in the Black Dirt, 03/11/18.~

The Lapland Longspur is another bird that, to me, has an inherent coolness factor. Even the name is cool. I can remember when I first began birding, looking in a guide at the Lapland Longspur and thinking: Now THIS is a bird I would like to see. Of course, I was looking in the book at the bird in breeding plumage- rather than the more muted winter plumage we see them in here in Orange County.  I hadn’t had much luck photographing LALOs this winter until today in the black dirt, where I located approximately a half dozen amongst flock of horned larks. The snow cover was forcing the birds to feed at the roadside, so I finally got my photo op.  And, at this late date in the winter, some of the birds were just starting to get their summer colors – it’s the first time I’ve ever had LALOs showing any significant amount of breeding plumage – I think they look awesome!

~Not the sharpest image, but I included this shot because it shows bird’s namesake, the longspur (elongated claw of the hind toe).  LALO in the Black Dirt, 03/11/18.~

4 thoughts on “Lapland Longspurs, 03/11/18”

  1. Had my yearly Longspur at Oberly Rd in Alpha. A few years ago a very accommodating bird hung around at the meadowlands for several months. That bird was also very approachable and as a result was able to get excellent shots. Aside from Oberly(on several occasions ) and De Korte the only other one was at Stone Harbor. Was fortunate to get Smith”s at that time. Good to see some of the breeding color showing. A great series as usual.

    1. Thanks Bruce. I got super lucky with the Smith’s Longspur at the Grasslands back in 2013 – I just happened to be working up in the area and was able to go for the bird when I heard it had been relocated. Not to mention the odds of relocating one small bird in such a vast area of grasslands. Definitely very cool birds. Good to hear from you Bruce.

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