A Pleasant Morning in Port Jervis, 03/17/18

~One of two Brown Creepers at Reservoir 3 in Port Jervis, NY, 03/17/18.~ 

I headed to Port Jervis early this morning to hit some of my usual spots in that area: Laurel Grove Cemetery, Reservoir 1, Reservoir 3, and Eagle’s Nest.  It was a nice morning to be out: it was blustery, cold, and sunny; my eyes watered throughout the morning; fogging up my binoculars regularly and by morning’s end, my crow’s feet to become salty and crusty. It was a birdy morning, with enough activity at each spot to keep me busy. My best stop was at Reservoir 3, where I had a pair of Brown Creepers and three Golden-crowned Kinglets. I struggled with a somewhat accommodating kinglet, but I was happy to get a halfway decent creeper shot; that’s a bird that I’ve struggled to get good pics. For the morning I had a total of 33 species. I haven’t included a full species list in a while, so see today’s list below.

~A young Bald Eagle flying over at Laurel Grove Cemetery, 03/17/18.~ 
~Friday night, 03/16/18, at Wickham Lake – Eastern Bluebird.~

5 thoughts on “A Pleasant Morning in Port Jervis, 03/17/18”

  1. I love your photos of the Brown Creeper is silhouette and the flight shot of the Bald Eagle, but I especially like the soft muted colors of the Eastern Bluebird. It was definitely a challenge to be outside today in that wind!

    1. Thanks so much Kathy, Tricia mentioned the colors in the bluebird shot as well. I don’t know about you, but I think I’m ready for spring now! matt

  2. Cold morning with the wind.
    Last week I was at a uninhibited attoll in the Seychelle islands . The seabirds were unfraid since they rarely see humans. One memorable bird I saw was a red tailed tropic bird. It was a fishing trip birding was a bonus.

    1. Bill, that sounds like a dream come true to me. Just to be on an island like that would be amazing; add a Red-tailed Tropicbird and I would lose my mine. Hope the fishing was good too. Matt

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