Bashakill EURASIAN WIGEON, 03/10/18

~Wow! EURASIAN WIGEON seen from Haven Road at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~

Well, as we all know, timing is crucial when it comes to birding. This week my timing went from poor to excellent. It initially looked to me like I might miss out on seeing the EURASIAN WIGEON that John Haas located on Thursday. Instead, the bird stuck around and when I arrived first thing this morning, it was relatively close to the road and the light was beautiful! I was very excited about this. Wilma Amthor joined me shortly after my arrival, and shortly after that we had a small crowd of birders on the bird, including Diane Bliss, Karen Miller, Scotty Baldinger, Kevin Kreischer, and of course, John. It’s been several years since I’ve seen a Eurasian Wigeon (2014), and I’d forgotten what an absolutely gorgeous bird it is. Additionally, this is my first time seeing the bird in New York State.

~John and I had 4 Eastern Bluebirds hawking insects below the Birch Trail Lookout at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~

I spent the remainder of the morning and the early afternoon at the Bashakill and every bird was a year bird for the county since it was my first birding foray into Sullivan County for 2018.  I was happy that John offered for me to join him to check out the Pine Boat Launch; my car never would have made it down that treacherous pothole-filled road. John also gave a tip to go to the Horseshoe Pulloff for a Winter Wren. The bird was exactly where he said it would be; it was singing but never made an appearance. I managed to get 2 Orange County nemeses birds today: Winter Wren and Fox Sparrow, and I totaled 40 species for the day, which I felt was pretty good. Huge thanks to John for finding and reporting the wigeon, and also for his help and company today.

~Female Hooded Merganser at the Bashakill WMA, 03/10/18.~
~Eurasian Wigeon, looking coy, Bashakill 03/10/18.~

16 thoughts on “Bashakill EURASIAN WIGEON, 03/10/18”

  1. Matt,
    Love your shots of the wigion! I can’t believe you got such a great shot of the Blue Bird! I could never have gotten a shot like that. It was a great day and so glad you got the Eurasian Wigeon! John

    1. Thanks John. I knew you would appreciate the bluebird shot, lol! Really great day, thanks again for everything. Matt

  2. Your Wigeon shots are luminous, Matt, and the Bluebird is spectacular! Congratulations on a great day of birding.

  3. Great widgeon shot. Managed to get my year bird at Shark River inlet where it is a regular, Have also had several close views in the Raritan Bay off Perth Amboy. The bluebird flight shot is a real winner. Had a few redheads at Lake Parsippany today. Also a few green winged teal in the Morristown area.

    1. Thanks Bruce. There were Redheads at the Bash earlier in the week, but we had no luck with them today. Matt

  4. Hi Matt,

    The European Wigeon is truly one of the outstanding waterfowls that ever go through our area and a rarity in all of the local counties. Your shots, as always, are beautiful but that Eastern Bluebird photo actually took my breathe away – – – – SENSATIONAL!!!!!
    Thanks for sharing them.

    1. I’d sort of forgotten what a good looking bird the E. Wigeon is, Ken. Today was a great reminder. Glad you like the bluebird. Matt

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