~Turkey Vultures in my backyard, Goshen NY, 03/07/18.~

I was pretty psyched when recently the Turkey Vultures began roosting in our backyard again. It’s so exciting to get home from work in the evenings  and have a tree full of vultures on the property. Even better, today came home early to find them all hunkered down to get through the snow storm. I’m not sure how excited others would get at having them in their yard, but I love it. They made my day today.

~This tree is good for them because they are mostly hidden. These birds are up towards the top; I estimate that there is another dozen or so below them but the view is blocked out by trees in front. TUVUs in Goshen NY, 03/07/18.~ 

12 thoughts on “Snowy….Vultures?”

  1. It is nice to see them, Matt.
    I went to the black dirt yesterday and
    they were soaring around. I love watching them do that.


  2. How amazing! Lots of snow birds out there today! A friend on Minisink Trail had an adult Bald Eagle in her yard this morning. My only excitement is a huge flock of Common Grackles. Glad you were able to get home early in this weather, Matt.

    1. I was so happy to make it home safely, Kathy! The grackles will help pass the time on a snowy day, no doubt. And you never know what you might find in that huge flock. Matt

  3. I’ve been fascinated with all the Black Vultures in the county this year. even here in Middletown. I had a lot of birds at my feeders today, but no oriole this year. Stay safe and enjoy your new neighbors.

    1. You never know what will show up in your own backyard, do you? Even snowed in, birding is awesome. Matt

  4. Very cool picture ! I like vultures … Even Turkey vultures have a lot of grace when they are flying .
    We also had a huge flock of blackbirds and grackles at our feeders today … they were loading up on seed !

    1. Thanks Liz. I like vultures for sure and I think TUVUs are really good flyers. Blackbirds must have been busy today at feeders everywhere in our area. Matt

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