Good Birds in the County, 04/15/23

I played golf first thing this morning. While I was playing, my phone was blowing up with some good birds being reported. Bruce Nott had one heck of a morning and located the following birds: A White-winged Scoter at Orange Lake, A Red-necked Grebe at Washington Lake, and a Black-crowned Night-Heron at Masterson Park. I tried for the birds after golf, and it was a little bit comical to me because for all three, I parked my car, got out my gear, and immediately got on the bird. Excellent birds for the county, but unfortunately they were all just a bit too far for decent photos.

~A pair of White-winged Scoters scoot across the Hudson River by Donahue Memorial Park, 04/15/23.~

I went to the Hudson River afterwards, and had a little bit of luck there as well. At Donahue Memorial Park, I first located a very distant Common Loon; I mean it was miles out there. As I continued scanning, I was pleasantly surprised to hear the loon calling! I was downwind, so I guess that helped the sound travel so well! It was really cool.

I scanned some more and eventually found a pair of distant White-winged Scoters sitting on the river. They eventually picked up and headed north up the river towards Newburgh.

~A very distant Red-necked Grebe at Washington Lake, 04/15/23.~

4 thoughts on “Good Birds in the County, 04/15/23”

    1. Not sure what you are getting at Kelly, but yes I’ve been told I’m out of my mind before, lol. Matt

  1. Good for you, Matt!
    You’re an inspiration to us all for learning about and seeing Birds. If it weren’t for you and your Blog, I’d be in the dark about a lot of Birds seen in Orange County (especially the Black Dirt area).
    Thank You!

    1. Patty, these are the comments that totally make doing the blog worthwhile. Thank you, and you are welcome. Matt

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