Sunday Shots, 04/16/23

Good birds in the county continued today to a lesser degree. I was able to locate three female Red-breasted Mergansers at Greenwood Lake early in the morning, and remarkably they were close enough for photos. A little later I joined Rob Stone at the Newburgh Waterfront, where he had located six Bonaparte’s Gulls. We were hoping the 6 were just the beginning, but after scanning for a good while, no additional gulls would join them.

~Two of three Red-breasted Mergansers at Greenwood Lake, 04/16/23.~
~I was trying to shoot Tree Swallow in flight (see below) when this Cooper’s Hawk flew in and perched in the beautiful evening light. Wickham Lake earlier this week, 04/13/23.~
~Tree Swallow at Wickham Lake, 04/13/23.~
~Tree Swallows at Wickham Lake, 04/13/23.~
~Double-crested Cormorant at Wickham Lake 04/11/23.~
~Tree Swallows at Wickham Lake, 04/13/23.~

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  1. Matt, as always, your shots are so artistic. I’m flying with the birds – love them.

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