Happy Easter, 04/09/23

Happy Easter to everyone out there who is celebrating. It was a busy week for me – work was the usual craziness, and then in the evenings Tricia and I spent our time getting prepared to have 11 guests for Easter. So, I got out less than I usually would at this time of the year. The thing about it though, when there is a lot going on in my life like this, I enjoy birding just a little bit more when I am able to get out. I walked Winding Waters Trail at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge early this afternoon, and boy did it feel good to be out and walking a trail on a gorgeous day like today.

Nothing says happy Easter like an angry looking Osprey. Okay, maybe I can think of a few things, lol. Anyways, it’s the time of the year when we get our first of the year for so many birds, so here’s a couple of shots of my first Osprey of the year.

Osprey at Walton Lake, 04/08/23.~
~Good looking bird. Osprey at Walton Lake, 04/08/23.~

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  1. You have such beautiful pictures Matt. I am trying to pick up birding but I don’t take very good pictures. When you have time could you tell me what camera you use and the type of lens? Also, did you use a reference book to learn? I took pictures of House Finches and a Northern Flicker this past week but the pictures leave a lot to be desired. Hope all is well with you!

    1. Thanks so much for the kind words. My camera body is the Canon 7D Mark II. The lens I use the most now is the original Canon 500mm prime lens – it’s a very old lens, but super sharp and I love it. My second lens is the Canon 100-400mm Mark II; this is the lens I would recommend for someone just starting out.

      In the spring of 2012, I read Bill Coster’s Creative Bird Photography. That book shaped the way I take pics to this day. I’ve reread it several times, and I still subscribe to Coster’s email blast. If you get it and read it, let me know what you think.


  2. Matt,
    Happy Easter to you and Trish! I hope you get many new spring birds this week! John

    1. Happy Easter John! Things are going to start getting really good… can’t wait! Matt

  3. I walked Winding Waters this morning also. Thought I might run into you somewhere but it was quiet. My best bird of the day was a Glossy Ibis that flew into the beaverpond on Pine Hill Road. Unfortunately it didn’t stay more than a minute or two, but I got good looks at it and it was a beauty. I hope you and Tricia had a great day!

    1. We really did have a great day – Tricia cooked up a storm and everyone loved it. Nice job with the ibis – hopefully it sticks around. Matt

  4. Awesome, Matt. Happy Easter, brother, and I hope you shared some of these wonderful osprey pics with Dad. xo

    1. Happy Easter Aileen. And yes, I did share them with dad, how could I not? Lol. Matt

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