Sunday Shots, 04/02/23

I focused my birding time mostly on waterfowl again this weekend. For the most part it was the same birds we’ve been seeing, but I was able to add (3) new species to my Orange County year list. On Saturday birding bud Bruce Nott let me know he had a Common Loon on Orange Lake (I would find another one at Glenmere Lake on Sunday). Then, I had my first Blue-winged Teal of the year this morning at Beaver Pond in Florida, NY. And finally, I ran to the mouth of the Quassaick Creek where it meets the Hudson River, to catch up with a GREAT CORMORANT located by Bruce earlier in the morning. This was definitely the bird of the weekend (even if my photos weren’t very good). It’s been a number of years since I’ve had that bird in Orange County.

~GREAT CORMORANT on the Hudson River near Newburgh, NY 04/02/23.!
~By contrast, here’s a nice close-up of a Double-crested Cormorant at Round Lake, 04/02/23.~
~Horned Grebe at Orange Lake, 04/01/23.~
~A Red-winged Blackbird singing in the rain at Gardnertown Road, 04/01/23.~
~I have these as Lesser Scaup; Wickham Lake 04/02/23.~
~On Thursday evening, I ran to the Newburgh Waterfront hoping to catch up with the Bonaparte’s Gulls that had been reported the day before. I got lucky and found (6) of them. This photo has (3) species of gull in it – mostly Herring Gulls, the (6) Bonies, and a couple of Ring-billed Gulls. Newburgh Waterfront, 03/30/23.~

4 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 04/02/23”

  1. Matt, Fantastic shots! Incredible how the eye of the DCCO looks like it’s surrounded by jewels. You are SO talented.

    1. Thanks Jodi, you are too kind, lol. I’ve gotten that eye before, so today when I had the opportunity, I was looking for it. For a bird that is overall on the drab side, those eyes are amazing. Matt

  2. Sounds like a great weekend Matt! Great Cormorant – Wow!!!
    My brother and I watched gulls catching insects over the Hudson River near the Newburgh Boat Lauch on Saturday night, that was fun to see.
    Have a good week!

    1. That’s really cool Joe, I would have enjoyed that as well. Thanks for checking in and have a good week too. Matt

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