Sunday Shots,Waterfowl Edition 03/26/23

I spent most of my birding time this weekend trying for waterfowl around the county. In two mornings, I had a total of 20 species of waterfowl:

  1. Canada Goose (many locations)
  2. Mute Swan (several locations)
  3. Wood Duck (Wickham Lake and Glenmere Lake)
  4. Northern Shoveler (Wickham and 6 1/2 Station Rd.)
  5. American Wigeon (6 1/2 Station Rd.))
  6. Mallard (many locations)
  7. American Black Duck (6 1/2 Station Rd.)
  8. Northern Pintail (6 1/2 Station Rd.)
  9. Green-winged Teal (Wickham and 6 1/2 Station Rd.)
  10. Lesser Scaup (Wickam)
  11. Ring-necked Duck (many locations)
  12. Bufflehead (several locations)
  13. Hooded Merganser (Round Lake)
  14. Common Merganser (several locations)
  15. RED-BREASTED MERGANSER (Greenwood Lake)
  16. Ruddy Duck (several locations)
  17. Pied-billed Grebe (Wickham Lake)
  18. Horned Grebe (Wickham Lake)
  19. American Coot (Wickham and 6 1/2)
  20. Double Crested Cormorant (Wickham Lake)
~Ruddy Duck in the rain, Beaver Dam Lake, 03/25/23.~

My highlight of the weekend was locating (8) female RED-BREASTED MERGANSERS at Greenwood Lake. They were a bit distant, but it was really cool to see these birds – I had pretty good scope views until a boat came through and flushed the birds even further out and eventually out of view.

~Red-breasted Mergansers on Greenwood Lake, 03/26/23.~
~Common Merganser coming in hot. Greenwood Lake, 03/26/23.~
~Lesser Scaup move around on Wickham Lake, 03/26/23.~
~A couple of Ruddies at Beaver Dam Lake, 03/25/23.~
~Belted Kingfisher at 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary, 03/26/23.~