Sunday Shots, 01/15/23

Outside of my snowy experience from yesterday, the rest of the weekend was mostly the usuals. On Saturday afternoon I went for gulls in Newburgh and only found one Iceland Gull (in addition to the expected 3 species). This morning I found the Snow Geese again; not quite as many – maybe 3,500 or so. I also found the three amigos in the black dirt: Snow Buntings, Horned Larks, and 1 Lapland Longspur. Wickham Lake had a good number of Common Mergansers and a very high number of gulls present – probably over 120 gulls. I’d say they were 65% Ring-billed, with the remainders being Herring Gulls.

~Northern Harrier in flight at the Liberty Loop, 01/14/23.~

As for yesterday’s waterfowl count, Linda provided me with our results. Note that this is just for the Black Dirt Region:

  • Mute Swan: 2
  • Canada Goose: 2,642
  • Cackling Goose: 2
  • Snow Goose: 5,615
  • Mallard: 31
  • American Black Duck: 13
  • Common Merganser: 3
  • Bufflehead: 1
~Horned Lark on the road in the black dirt, 01/15/23.~
~Young White-crowned Sparrow at the Liberty Loop, 01/14/23~.
~Northern Harrier at the Liberty Loop, 01/14/23.~

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    1. Of course, Mary, no problem. It sounds like you maybe didn’t catch up with them. Hopefully they will stick around and you’ll get another chance. Matt

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