Snow Day, 01/14/23

This morning I participated in the yearly Mearn’s Bird Club’s Orange County Winter Waterfowl Count. I joined Linda Scrima and we covered the black dirt region as we have for the past several years. I’ll post the results once I get them. While we were doing the count, we had many Snow Geese flying overhead. It was exciting to get them for the count, but it was even more exciting when I joined Kyle Knapp later in the day in the black dirt to enjoy approximately 5,000+ Snow Geese do their thing. It’s a spectacle which I always enjoy, and I love taking photos of Snow Geese. The large flocks are captivating and the photos often look like art; as individuals the birds seem to have so much character – constantly making a racket and feasting on corn stubble. All photos taken in the black dirt today, 01/14/23.

12 thoughts on “Snow Day, 01/14/23”

  1. I agree Matt! Over the years birding this region it never gets old seeing thousands of Snow Geese up in the air. It truly is a spectacle! Love the photos!


  2. Hi Matt,
    It was certainly a spectacle to see. The ones in the field were beautiful and many, many flocks flying overhead kept us looking up in awe. The wonders of nature are fascinating, and your pictures capture that image. Thank-you

    1. It was good to see you out there yesterday Renee, it’s always fun to share these experiences. Thanks for checking in. Matt

  3. Hello,

    I’m new to birding and not familiar with this area. Would you please tell me where and when I could experience this?

    1. Hi Lauren, welcome to birding in Orange County. The Snow Geese are in our area right now (the timing varies from year to year), and they can be found in the black dirt region, which is basically the farms found south of Goshen and west of Florida NY. If you explore the area, since the birds are around now, you might see large flocks in the air, or you might find a field covered in white – it’s not snow, it’s Snow Geese. Another good spot is to go to the parking area of the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge’s Liberty Loop. It’s located on Oil City Road in Pine Island. From there, there is a good chance of seeing Snow Geese flying over or in the distance if you look due north. Matt

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