Sunday Shots, 01/22/23

I had surgery on Wednesday to have my gallbladder removed. Fortunately the surgery went well, but my birding was limited this weekend as I’m taking some time to recover. I drove the black dirt both mornings – highlights included the continuation of thousands of Snow Geese, a decent look at a Cackling Goose on Saturday, and a couple of Lapland Longspurs (one in nice plumage, see below) on Sunday.

~Cackling Goose on Maple Road, 01/21/23.~

Saturday afternoon I joined Bruce Nott at the Newburgh Waterfront to try for gulls. I’m trying to catch up with one of the (2) Lesser Black-backed Gulls he’s been seeing there, but I’m not having any luck. We did have a couple first winter Iceland Gulls; one bright white and the other a nice coffee color. Photos are limited this week, but I still wanted to check in for the weekend.

~Great Black-backed Gull in flight over the Hudson River, 01/21/23.~
~I had to use my small lens this weekend (due to the weight of the big lens). I would have liked the little bit of extra reach for this Lapland Longspur. Black dirt 01/22/23.
~One more of the Cackler in the black dirt region, 01/21/23.~

16 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 01/22/23”

  1. You’re such a Trooper! Hoping you heal quickly and aren’t in any pain.
    Love your Photos, and ideas for where to go to see great Birds!
    All the Best to you,
    Patty Kiersten

    1. Very true Liz. That’s why I’m sitting on the sofa right now, resting. And it feels good to rest, I must say. Thanks for checking in. Matt

    1. I was mostly sitting in my car Norma, so it wasn’t too bad. I was tired at the end of Saturday though. Matt

  2. So sorry to hear about your surgery. But glad it went well and you’re on the mend. We’re enjoying Florida and this a.m. saw a flock (sedge?) of 32 Sandhill cranes by our house. Location, location! Stay healthy!!

    1. Wow, that must have been awesome, Jeff! Glad you are enjoying your time in Florida – I’ll bet you’re enjoying the warm weather on top of the good birds. I’m feeling better already, so hopefully on the road to good health. Always good to hear from you. Matt

  3. Thanks, Matt, for the update and grand photos. I hope that by now you are feeling very comfortable. I remember mine causing great pain and I drove directly to the hospital where I announced “This has GOT to go” and I was so pleased after the surgery that I don’t recall anything like a slow recovery. It was a GREAT decision! Best wishes and continued good birding,

    1. I’m feeling much better now, thanks Ken. I’m sure it was the right decision and I look forward to getting back to “normal”. Matt

  4. Hope you recover quickly. Just got back from a visit to North Carolina to visit my daughter. Worked a one day trip to the Outer Banks and added 21 year birds. Had my first 2 pelican day. Also got brown headed nuts as well as red breasted. On Sun. Coming up from Greenville I finally got my Loggerhead Shrike. Recover quickly and get some more of the quality photos sent. You will be in our prayers

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