Bashakill TUNDRA SWAN, 03/19/18

~Tundra Swan at the Bashakill, viewed from the Stop Sign Trail parking area, 03/19/18.~

Right now, the Bashakill is officially the hottest hotspot in the area. When John Haas reported a TUNDRA SWAN at Haven Road early this morning, I knew that if the bird stuck around, I would run for it after work. I got word as I left work that the bird was still present, so I headed towards the Bash. When I arrived, Ken McDermott was on the bird, which was out quite a ways  foraging in the vegetation on the northeast side of Haven Road. Lance Verderame and Matt Price joined us shortly after and we enjoyed good scope views as the bird was in perfect light. Ken and I decided to drive out to the Stop Sign Trail to try to get a better look; we were successful and we got a much closer look at the bird, which looked amazing in Ken’s scope (but was unfortunately backlit for photos). It’s a great time of year – things are happening in the birding world and I’m totally loving the time change and the longer days which are allowing me to finally do some quality birding after work again.

~The bird was a little more distant from Haven Road, but the light was much better. Tundra Swan at the Bashakill, 03/19/18.~
~Wood Duck flyover at Haven Road, 03/19/18.~ 

4 thoughts on “Bashakill TUNDRA SWAN, 03/19/18”

  1. Congratulations on yet another new county bird! The Bashakill really has been the hotspot for the last month. I hope it goes on a while longer ! John

    1. Thanks John. I was trying for the Cackling Goose too – that would have made for quite a night. Matt

    1. Me too Wilma, it’s a real life changer. I’m looking forward to finally getting some warm weather too – that will be nice. Matt

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