OC Red-headed Woodpecker, 12/26/17

~What a thrill to get such a good look at this immature Red-headed Woodpecker at Glenmere Lake, 12/26/17.~

A couple weeks ago, I incorrectly reported a couple of Red-headed Woodpeckers in an eBird checklist for Glenmere Lake. It was a data entry error on my part – I had intended on reporting the 2 Red-BELLIED Woodpeckers I’d seen there that day, but clicked on the wrong box. My error was pointed out to me by birding buds Rob Stone and Linda Scrima; they had seen the report online and followed up with me about it.

As coincidence would have it, this afternoon I was at Glenmere Lake and I was pleasantly surprised to see a young RED-HEADED WOODPECKER as I was getting back to my car. The bird was very accomadating and I was fortunate enough to get some decent photos. This is my third straight year seeing this bird in Orange County; in 2015 there was a pair at Elks Brox Park in Port Jervis, last year there were a couple birds at Fancher Davidge Park in Middletown, and earlier this year I had two young birds at Hamptonburgh Preserve just north of Goshen.

4 thoughts on “OC Red-headed Woodpecker, 12/26/17”

  1. Congratulations, Matt, on another great find! I’ve been out birding at Glenmere at dawn several times lately to walk the trails and I’m finding that it’s quite fabulous. It seems to be a real Mecca for woodpeckers, and I’m so happy that you found a Red-headed Woodpecker there to add to the group. If yours sticks around, that will mean that all six species of woodpecker are residing there. Wouldn’t that be marvelous!

    1. Oh that would be awesome, Kathy! I never thought about Glenmere for small birds too much (always going for waterfowl); I’m going to have start rethinking that. Matt

  2. Was looking for one today in North Carolina. Did get my yearly loggerhead shrike yesterday near Halifax, N.C. NeartheVirgimia border . aA few years ago I had 5 red heads in a small preserve a mile from my house. Year end greetings
    BRUCE Christensen

    1. North Carolina sounds nice this time of year, and hard to beat a shrike. Happy new year to you, love hearing what you’ve been up to. Matt

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