Orange County Iceland Gulls, 12/23/17

~Beautiful bird. ICELAND GULL at the Newburgh Waterfront, 12/23/17.~

I headed back to the Newburgh Waterfront this morning – I was mostly hoping for a Great Cormorant to add to my OC year list, but really I was just hoping for some good birds. The waterfront was a little more productive than last weekend. I never had any luck with cormorants, but  from the Newburgh-Beacon Ferry parking lot, I had my first RED-BREASTED MERGANSER of the season, a male that was with a raft of 40 or so Common Mergansers. Then, from the Blu Pointe Restaurant parking lot, I located two very beautiful ICELAND GULLS. It was raining pretty good all morning, so I wasn’t carrying my camera. I ran back to my car for it, and the birds had stayed pretty close to the shore, allowing for some decent shots in  spite of the lack of light. I was thrilled, the birds were just awesome to see and I enjoyed a prolonged look at them.

~Eventually the birds swam close enough together for a shot of both birds. Iceland Gulls at Newburgh Waterfront, 12/23/17.~ 

8 thoughts on “Orange County Iceland Gulls, 12/23/17”

  1. They have become so reliable that we believe that we will find them every year and so far that has been true. Usually we don’t see them until ice is on the river and the gull numbers have swollen so congrats, Matt, on those two early arrivals. Let’s hope that the “odd” bird that you had previously at a great distance shows up again and close enough to put label on it.

    Great getting the photos also Matt. Let this be the opening of the flow for this winter.

    1. Thanks so much, Ken. It would be a great day if that “odd” bird showed up again for a better look. Fingers crossed. Matt

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