Bird(s) on a Wire

When it comes to photographing birds, one of the least desirable perches to me is on a wire. It’s always disappointing to find a good, confiding bird that happens to be perched on a wire – I would, of course prefer a more natural setting. But sometimes that’s just what you get, and looking back over recent years I’ve had number of pretty decent shots in spite of the wire perch; here are some of my favorites.

12 thoughts on “Bird(s) on a Wire”

    1. Thanks Bruce – surprisingly we haven’t had any Snowies in OC this season. Ulster had a one hit wonder, but I think that’s it. I went for the N. Shrike at the Great Swamp yesterday but had no luck. Enjoy your holidays too. Matt

  1. I’m diggin’ it. Wires generally involve backlight for me, which usually confounds me. You’ve got the drill down. Primo work!

  2. What wires? Your photos are so darn great that the wires disappear. The focus is always the birds and you capture them perfectly. Thanks.

    1. I’m glad you think so Kathy, credit goes to Kyle who gave me the idea. I’m surprised by how well received this post has been. Matt

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