Life Birds X2

~Wow! Lifer LONG-EARED OWL, 03/19/17.~

It’s not very often these days that I can get two life birds in one day, but that’s exactly what happened today. The first was a bird that I have been really hoping to get for some time now, the LONG-EARED OWL. The bird did not disappoint, such a beautiful little owl, absolutely gorgeous. The second was a bird that I’ve had some experience with in the past, the NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL. Back in the fall of 2013, Tricia and I joined a John Haas, Karen Miller, Scott Baldinger, and Arlene Borko in Sullivan County to call in migrating NSWOs. We heard several that night and caught a glimpse of one in flight in the dark, but I guess at the time I didn’t think that was enough to count it as a lifer. Today was quite different and there is no doubt about getting my lifer NSWO. These two owls are life birds #373 and #374 for me. Forgive the vague post, but with the best interests of these birds in mind, I will not be sharing their locations.

~I was impressed by how small this bird is in person, out in the field. Beautiful NORTHERN SAW-WHET OWL, 03/19/17. ~
~One more shot of the LEOW, 03/19/16.~


14 thoughts on “Life Birds X2”

  1. Hi Matt – a few years ago I asked if it was ok with you if I painted from your photos – and you kindly agreed – Life got busy and the bird series was put on the back burner for a while – but I’m back on track and painting for a show this summer – I have to agree your Saw-whet owl photo is adorable – that pose will be a sweet little painting! Thanks – love following your adventures!
    Karen R

    1. Karen – I’m glad to hear you are back painting and also that you are still visiting the blog. I’d love to see some of your work one day. Matt

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