Beautiful Buntings, 03/16/17

~ Orange County Snow Bunting in the snow,  03/16/17.~

QUICK POST: For the second consecutive time, on my way to participate in a DEC Raptor Survey, I had a really nice photo op.  Two weeks ago I had a large group of confiding Ring-necked Ducks. Last night, it was Six Snow Buntings on the side of the road. They seemed uncooperative at first and flushed, but then came back to land very close to my car, posing nicely on the tops of the piles of plowed snow. Good birds for sure!

~I love these birds, definitely towards the top of my long list of favorites. Snow Bunting in the Black Dirt Region, 03/16/17.~

7 thoughts on “Beautiful Buntings, 03/16/17”

  1. I had the same experience yesterday in the black dirt region of our county but I only had four of them. Lovely birds and a winter treat.

    1. Francois AKA Ken (lol!) – They certainly are a treat, glad you got to see some as well. Matt

  2. Not to many of these beauties down here in the Sunshine State. Love being here and hate missing the winter birds of the north country. Next life, I’m going to clone myself (much to the chagrin of my wife) and bird both ends of the country simultaneously. Beautiful shots of beautiful birds. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I agree Dave, it’s really great that we get a decent dose of winter birds in our area. That being said, I’m ready for spring migration and for all the snow to melt. Matt

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