7/23/15 – Shorebird Report…

~This is first raptor I have photographed in a while. Red-tailed Hawk on my way home from 6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary, 7/23/15.~

…And a couple additional photos from today’s birding. I made two stops after work looking for shorebirds:

Liberty Loop – Back Pond:

Least Sandpiper 12
Lesser Yellowlegs 9
Greater Yellowlegs 2
Solitary Sandpiper 1
Spotted Sandpiper 3
Killdeer 14

6 1/2 Station Road Sanctuary – Citgo Pond:

Least Sandpiper 14
Lesser Yellowlegs 1
Spotted Sandpiper 1
Killdeer 9

~A little bit of a different look at a Lesser Yellowlegs – taken when all the shorebirds in the back pond at Liberty Loop were briefly alarmed by something which I never located. 7/23/15.~
~Great Egret in flight, Liberty Loop 7/23/15.~

5 thoughts on “7/23/15 – Shorebird Report…”

    1. Thanks Karen – bring your scope if you go, some are close but many are pretty distant. Good luck. Matt

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