Memorial Day Weekend 2012 – Photos


There were 49 (!!!) Mute Swans at Hyper Humus Marshes.
Female Eastern Bluebird at Hyper Humus Marshes.
Great Egret in a tree. Hyper Humus Marshes.
Eastern Kingbird at Hyper Humus Marshes.
It was hard to keep track of the number of Great Blue Herons out at Hyper Humus Marshes because they were so active. I would say there was at least 8.
GBH in flight at Hyper Humus Marshes.
American Goldfinches were numerous out at Wallkill River NWR.
Cedar Waxwing at Wallkill River NWR.
Indigo Bunting at Wallkill Wildlife Refuge.
Northern Flicker...
...Sterling Forest State Park









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