Sunday Shots, 11/19/23

It was a relatively uneventful weekend of birding for me. There actually doesn’t seem to be all that much exciting going on in our area at the moment. I checked out a few lakes in southern Orange County on Saturday morning. Then, I spent this morning at the Hudson River. Both mornings were unproductive. The highlight of the weekend for me was in the black dirt later this morning, where, after weeks of trying, I was finally able to get my first Lapland Longspur and Snow Bunting photos of the season.

~Always a favorite of mine, as readers of the blog know well – Lapland Longspur in the black dirt 11/19/23.~
~A Red-tailed Hawk being mobbed by American Crows in the Black Dirt Region, 11/19/23.~
~European Starling flock at the Camel Farm, 11/18/23.~
~Stupid heat shimmer from my car did a number on this photo. But, it’s my first Snow Bunting shot of the year, so I wanted to include it. Black dirt 11/19/23.~
~A Great Blue Heron stalks prey on Missionland Road, 11/19/23.~
~One more European Starling image – I was enjoying photographing this flock. Camel Farm 11/18/23.~

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