A Good Day at Mt. Pete, 10/28/23

Based on the weather forecast, I had very low expectations going into today’s hawkwatch at Mount Peter. I was expecting it to be uncomfortably warm with a non-existent flight. But, there was a cool breeze all day which kept it very comfortable on the viewing platform and there were enough migrating raptors to keep it interesting. The highlight for me, however, was not raptor related. I had (4) skeins of BRANT fly over, with a total of approximately 450 birds. I always hope that I’m up at Mt. Pete when Brant come through, and today I was lucky. As always, I’ve included my full report at the bottom of this post.

~Palm Warbler at Mt. Peter Hawkwatch, 10/28/23.~
~One of (4) skeins of Brant at Mt. Peter Hawkwatch, 10/28/23.~
~Turkey Vulture at Mt. Pete, 10/28/23.~
~One of these things is not like the other… Brant and an unidentified duck pass directly over the Mt. Peter viewing platform, 10/28/23.~
~TUVU at Mt. Pete, 10/28/23.~

8 thoughts on “A Good Day at Mt. Pete, 10/28/23”

  1. Great shots, Matt! Wonderful airplane formation! Solid, powerful-looking turkey vulture! Murmurations fascinate me and I’ve long-intended to know more about them.

      1. Matt,
        You’re an inspiration, and a Teacher! So very glad you are Birding, and Blogging about what you are seeing.

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