Red-necked Grebe…

… is another life bird for me! I went out to Glenmere Lake this afternoon to try for the Long-tailed Duck again and to see if the second round of storms brought in any new birds. I was very happy to find this Red-necked Grebe:_MG_6474

This is another distant shot that I have cropped pretty heavily. It has been a little frustrating that these birds are too far away for decent photos, but that is easily outweighed by the excitement of seeing a new species for the first time. There were fewer birds present today, but it was still a productive stop:

  • Mute Swan 4
  • Canada Goose 8
  • Wood Duck 10
  • Mallard 6
  • Lesser Scaup 4
  • Bufflehead 12
  • Common Merganser 9 (fly over)
  • Pied-billed Grebe 4
  • Red-necked Grebe 1
  • DC Cormorant 9
  • Turkey Vulture 4
  • A. Crow 2
  • Tree Swallow 75

Thanks again to Rob Stone for turning me on to Glenmere Lake, it has been awesome for me this week!

4 thoughts on “Red-necked Grebe…”

  1. EXCELLENT shot; even the red on the neck was visable! I agree that they should swim closer but they seem to only do that in Anchorage and at that right in the heart of the city!!!!!!

  2. Matt:
    I like the way you caught the neck. Nice shot. FYI: keep an eye out for the one I found out at the bash yesterday by main boat launch. It was not that far out and could give you a good photo op. Also there have been a lot of Horned Grebes on Kiamesha Lake the last 2 days many in breeding plumage and not that far from the viewing spot on Concord Rd. That is also another good spot to possibly get a Red-necked in fairly close for photo ops.

  3. Thanks Ken, John, and Scott, it’s much appreciated. Thanks also for the possible photo ops Scotty; I will hopefully head out that way over the weekend. A good Horned Grebe in breeding plumage would be a fabulous photo.


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