Red Fox, 03/14/23

I was lucky enough to have a fantastic close encounter with a red fox today. The fresh snowfall was the icing on the cake. I watched as the fox successfully dug up several items from the snow and munched on them happily. It’s unclear to me what it was digging up, but it definitely looked like some sort of vegetation; maybe someone who knows more about foxes can enlighten us. All photos were taken today, 03/14/23, in Orange County.

Quick update on this post: I did a brief Google search and I think this fox was maybe digging for some sort of tuber. We all know the internet never lies:

And regarding the fox being pregnant, if you look at the second image from the top, you can see that her teats appear quite full and pronounced.

18 thoughts on “Red Fox, 03/14/23”

  1. Matt, I have the same question for Robin! Maybe the mammary glands are more prominent than usual, although with the very few foxes I have seen and from afar, I wouldn’t know well-fed from pregnant!
    Beautiful shots!

    1. That’s exactly what I was thinking Norma, that it was a well fed fox. Thanks for checking in and for the kind words. Matt

  2. Sure looks like the foot of mouse in that fox’s mouth – fantastic photos!

    1. I thought that about that pic too, but trust me it was not a small mammal. I’ll have to post additional photos now, lol. Matt

  3. Matt,
    Once again, you specialize in breathtaking … we need to create some new adjectives. Tom Lake

  4. Matt, You’re so fortunate to see this Fox. Good for you, and thank you for sharing your wonderful pictures of it!

  5. Hey Matt,
    Great shots. I have seen at Bombay Hook and Prime Hook, many red fox.
    I have seen this behavior and seems like they also leave some morsels from previous catch and get back to them later.

    1. Interesting Peter, thanks. Mammals are frustrating because for most of them, you don’t actually get to see their behavior very often or for very long. Thanks for checking in. Matt

  6. Very nice Matt! Such a cool experience to see in the wild let alone document with photos. Great shots.

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