Snow Day, 02/25/23

I headed to Sullivan County this snowy morning. I covered a decent amount of ground in the Parksville area, hoping for Evening Grosbeaks or maybe get lucky with Ruffed Grouse. Neither came to fruition, so I headed to the Neversink Reservoir, where I had a little more luck. I found 5 very confiding Snow Buntings feeding on the roadside. I enjoyed watching and photographing the birds; cursing the poor light as I did so.

~Snow Bunting at Neversink Reservoir, 02/25/23.~
~SNBU at Neversink Reservoir, 02/25/23.~

I wanted to check Rondout Reservoir next, but the snow was falling at a decent clip and the road I wanted to take hadn’t been treated at all, so I bailed. I headed to the Bashakill instead. Haven Road was productive, with 8 species of waterfowl, 3 Bald Eagles, and a handful of Rusty Blackbirds. I was thwarted by the snow again, when I went to the Main Boat Launch to try for the multitude of waterfowl that has been reported there. No cars had entered the parking area and the snow looked just a little too substantial to risk it.

~A young Bald Eagle at the Bashakill today, 02/25/23.~
~Back in Orange County in the early afternoon, a Barred Owl on a snowy day, 02/25/23.~
~Sullivan County Snow Buntings on a snowy morning, 02/25/23.~
~SNBU 02/25/23.~
~SNBU at Neversink Reservoir, 02/25/23.~
~Snow Bunting at Neversink Res. 02/25/23.~

14 thoughts on “Snow Day, 02/25/23”

  1. These photos are amazing ! Looks like you had a great day . Even though the snow interfered a bit with your plans , it did add beauty to your pictures .

  2. In my retirement I have tried to get into photography but find it difficult. The way you take a close up of a bird is an amazing skill that you have. Hope you are doing well.

    1. I hope you stick with it; it takes some time but, wow, can it rewarding. And yes, I’m doing very well these days – thank you. Matt

  3. Great bunting shots. Had a distant flock at Sandy Hook a few weeks ago. They are easier to get when we have snow. Up to now we have just had a dusting. My bird of the week was a Harris’s sparrow in East Windsor. only distant scope views

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