Beautiful Black Bear, 06/26/22

This morning I hiked the Sterling Ridge Trail at Sterling Forest State Park. I tallied just under 50 species of birds; all of them were expected species (the usuals). I did have a little bit of excitement, however, with two separate Black Bear sitings. One bear was up on a hillside, about 150 yards off the trail, and took absolutely no notice of me. The other was just on the other side of a small pond. That bear was definitely aware of my presence; it most likely heard the camera shutter. It had been a couple years since I’d seen a bear, so today was a treat.

~Black Bear at Sterling Forest State Park, 06/26/22.~

8 thoughts on “Beautiful Black Bear, 06/26/22”

  1. The bear looks attentive and very healthy BUT – – – – –
    What were either YOU or the Bear doing out today? I was of the belief that ONLY mad dogs or Englishmen go out in the noonday sun!

    1. I was out early Ken, TRYING to beat the heat, but it was hot already. And buggy! If you got to Sterling, wear the appropriate clothing. Matt

  2. Nice Matt!
    Braver man than me..I went to Ironwood, walked in for about 5 minutes and turned back around and headed out! The bugs were insane over there!

    1. They were numerous and relentless! I walked nearly 7 miles with a swarm on me, lol. I was certainly relieved to get back into the car. Matt

  3. Cool!! I STILL haven’t seen one in the wild- they arent as common on the E side of the River as they are on the W side-I need to hang out more in ulster….

    1. A lot of it is just luck too Tom. I went for over 18 months without seeing one, then two in one day, miles from each other. Good luck, I hope you get to see one soon. Matt

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