Sunday Shots, 06/19/22

I went out late Saturday morning with Upland Sandpiper on my mind. I spent some time at the Orange County Airport, and then headed to Ulster County and tried Blue Chip Farm and the Grasslands. While I had no luck with Uppies (it was always a long shot), I did spend some time with a Killdeer family at the airport, as well as a very cooperative Eastern Meadowlark at the Grasslands.

~One of four Killdeer chicks present at the Orange County Airport, 06/18/22.~
~Eastern Meadowlark in flight with prey, Grasslands 06/18/22.~

This morning I wanted to take a hike, so I went to Black Rock Forest and hiked out past Jupiter’s Boulder, which I chose in hopes of seeing or hearing a Ruffed Grouse (another long shot!). No luck with the grouse, but it was a fairly productive hike with over 40 species observed. The only sort of unusual siting was a young Hooded Merganser; I was happy to see and record this bird. As a bonus, it was close enough for decent photos.

~Young Hooded Merganser at Black Rock Forest, 06/19/22.~

Yard Birds 2022: Still stuck at (49); I didn’t add any new birds this week.

~Red-winged Blackbird at Blue Chip Farms, 06/18/22.~
~Eastern Meadowlark at the Grasslands, 06/18/22.~
~Killdeer chick at Orange County Airport, 06/18/22.~
~Eastern Bluebird at Black Rock Forest, 06/19/22.~
~One more of the Eastern Meadowlark in flight at the Grasslands, 06/18/22.~