Orange County Caspian Tern, 04/30/22

I had two target birds when I left at sunrise this morning. I dipped on my first one – I went to Black Rock Forest and hiked up to Jupiter’s Boulder to try for Ruffed Grouse. Unfortunately, not only was it painful because I’m so out of shape, I had no luck with the bird. Afterwards I headed to the Hudson River to try for Caspian Tern. I was not optimistic; the timing was right, but I just wasn’t feeling it. I had no luck at the Newburgh Waterfront and the Newburgh Rowing Club, so I headed to Plum Point.

~Caspian Tern at Plum Point this morning, 04/30/22.~

I scanned Cornwall Bay and found a distant Caspian Tern perched with a handful of Ring-billed Gulls. I’m not sure if they were clinging to the last of the sandbar, or if they were on a piece of driftwood. I was happy to get the bird, but not thrilled about the distance and no photos. Then, the unthinkable happened. The bird picked up and flew right to me, dove for and caught a small fish, and then proceeded north along the river with a Ring-billed Gull giving chase. Talk about timing!

~A Ring-billed Gull gives chase as the Caspian Tern evades with a fish in its bill. Plum Point, 04/30/22.~

The tern was relocated at the Newburgh Waterfront by Bruce Nott Yard a little later, and apparently several birders were able to see it.

Birds 2022: (39) – I added Ruby-throated Hummingbird, Ruby-crowned Kinglet, and House Wren this week.

~CATE in flight over the Hudson River, Plum Point 04/30/22.~

8 thoughts on “Orange County Caspian Tern, 04/30/22”

  1. Great shot . Was up to Garrett Mtn this a.m. A handful of early warblers Ran into Denise from the Mt . Peter Hawk watch. Had my first black throated blue on Thursday At my local patch . Up to 161 for the year.

    1. 161 seems like a lot! Garrett Mountain is a good spot, I need to get back there one of these days. Matt

    1. Thanks Peter. I was of course thinking about you when I was at the rowing club. I didn’t get out of the car and walk the trail though. Matt

  2. Your skill in takings shots seems to always find perfect timing! I’m sure it’s more than luck. I always look forward to your birding adventure and awesome photos.

    1. Norma, this was super, super lucky. I was floored that the bird came right to me. As always, thanks for checking in. Matt

    1. Thanks Peter! I’m afraid (for the Penguins sake) that it’s going to be a short series šŸ™

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