Sunday Shots, 04/24/22

It’s the time of year when most birders are getting excited about the arrival of passerines, particularly the wood warblers. I’m not there yet, and I spent the weekend trying for waterfowl, shorebirds, and gulls. I didn’t connect with any new or interesting waterfowl; as for shorebirds, I had some modest success this morning with a half dozen Pectoral Sandpipers and (2) Least Sandpipers at the Camel Farm and a couple of Greater Yellowlegs at the Liberty Loop. And regarding gulls, I was pleasantly surprised to find the highlight of my weekend – 19 Bonaparte’s Gulls at Plum Point early Saturday afternoon.

~Apparently there was only room for 14 Bonies on this piece of driftwood. I was entertained by the gulls as they kept trying to muscle in for a spot on this coveted perch. Plum Point, 04/23/22.~

Other highlights for me included some very good looks at Rusty Blackbirds at Wickham Lake on Saturday morning, as well as a flock of approximately 50 American Pipits at Skinner’s Lane on Saturday morning as well. I was just settling in to watch these birds and wait for them to hopefully come closer to the road, when the entire flock picked up and flew northwest, not to return.

~Always a favorite – Rusty Blackbird on a nice perch at Wickham Lake, 04/23/22.~

Yard Birds 2022: (36) – I didn’t add any new species since my last post.

~BOGUs in flight at Plum Point, 04/23/22.~
~Rusty Blackbird at Wickham Lake, 04/23/22.~

10 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 04/24/22”

  1. Matt
    Your photography has improved dramatically in the last few years.
    Images are sharp, exposure is accurate, colors really stand out.


    1. Thanks so much Al. I think the 500mm prime lens has been a big help, plus I’m learning little by slow. You might be curious to see a post I’m planning for a week from tomorrow – the blog will be 10 years old, so I’m going to re-post my top pic from each of the 10 years. Matt

      1. I can’t wait to see those pics Matt!! I’ve only been following your blog since we met this winter-I look forward to seeing what you post each week:). And I’m up to 35 backyard birds- I got a ruby crowned kinglet and an eastern phoebe while I was cutting the grass on Wednesday

        1. It was interesting for me to look back at them. I’ll post on Monday. I think I’m at 39 yard birds now.

    1. Exactly Bill! It was pretty funny. And then, for no obvious reason, they all bailed on the game and flew up river. Matt

  2. Don’t know how to contact otherwise I am dumb at the internets, ha I will trade you picks of the leucistic hawk for a bird Id we have a bird in the back yard that we can’t figure out

  3. Hi Matt,

    It was nice meeting you at Race Point today! I enjoyed reading your favorite 10 birds over ten years. I’ll have to make it a point to learn my birds now after seeing your wonderful blog. I’ve added you on instagram where you can see my work.

    Take good care,

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