Orange County Waterfowl, 04/03/22

I went out this morning in search of waterfowl. I checked several lakes and ponds in southern Orange County, and finished up at the Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge’s Liberty Marsh. In all, I totaled 17 species of waterfowl. My best bird was Common Loon, of which I found four individuals at three different locations. The hottest spot was definitely Liberty Marsh, which I walked in the rain. Below I’ve included a complete list of species seen, with locations.

~Common Loon at Wickham Lake, taken on Thursday 03/31/22.~
  1. Canada Goose (Glenmere Lake, Beaver Pond, Wickham Lake, & Greenwood Lake)
  2. Mute Swan (Wickham Lake, Liberty Marsh)
  3. Wood Duck (Glenmere, Wickham, Walton, & Liberty Marsh)
  4. Blue-winged Teal (Liberty Marsh)
  5. Northern Shoveler (Liberty Marsh)
  6. Gadwall (Beaver Pond)
  7. American Wigeon (Liberty Marsh)
  8. Mallard (Glenmere, Beaver Pond, Wickham, & Greenwood Lake)
  9. American Black Duck (Liberty Marsh)
  10. Northern Pintail (Liberty Marsh)
  11. Green-winged Teal (Liberty Marsh)
  12. Ring-necked Duck (Glenmere & Liberty Marsh)
  13. Bufflehead (Greenwood)
  14. Common Merganser (Wickham & Greenwood)
  15. Pied-billed Grebe (Liberty Marsh)
  16. Common Loon (Greenwood, Walton, & Round)
  17. Double-crested Cormorant (Wickham, Greenwood, & Round)
~Three Blue-winged Teal at Liberty Marsh, 04/03/22.~

Yesterday morning, Linda Scrima joined me, as I headed back to Black Rock Forest. I was hoping for a better look and photos of the Red Crossbills, and Linda was hoping to get them for the first time in Orange County. We had success on one count, as we saw and heard the birds several times and Linda was able to get some documentary shots of the birds, but the birds never really cooperated for better looks/photos. The area by Tamarack Pond is really a fun spot to bird and many good birds continued (Red-breasted Nuthatch, Fox Sparrow, many Golden-crowned Kinglets, Purple Finches, and Brown Creepers).

On our way out, we ran into Ken McDermott who was trying for the birds. He reported later that afternoon that he’d been successful, pushing his total birds in Orange Count to an absolutely astounding 305 species. Congrats Ken!

~Roadside Pileated Woodpecker in Sugarloaf NY, 04/03/22.~
~Shorebirds are on the move, I’m happy to say. Greater Yellowlegs in the black dirt 04/03/22.~
~Killdeer at Wickham Lake, 03/31/22.~
~One of my favorite birds from the weekend – Rusty Blackbird at Wickham Lake, 04/03/22.~
~Common Loon at Wickham Lake, 03/31/22.~

9 thoughts on “Orange County Waterfowl, 04/03/22”

  1. Now I know that’s a male pileated woodpecker! Wonderful shots; I particularly like the decoy-like loon!

    1. Thanks so much Norma! The loons were pretty exciting for me – especially because they chose to come closer rather than further. Matt

  2. Nice tally of water birds! As always thank you for sharing the beautiful pictures!! Is liberty marsh in NY or NJ? I’ve never been before- thanks Matt!!

    1. Thanks Tom, it’s my pleasure. The answer to your question is yes, lol. There is a trail, the Liberty Loop, it’s just over 2 miles long, and approximately half of it is in Orange County NY and the other half is in Sussex County NJ. Matt

      1. Great thank you! It’s now on my list of places to go! And btw I borrowed your idea of keeping track of backyard birds in a year- it sounded like a fun project- I’m at 31 so far

        1. I got my 33rd and 34th birds this weekend (Am. Kestrel and Tree Swallow). I know a several folks that are doing it, and we are all in the low 30’s right now. It’s a lot a fun – if you think about it, let us know where you stand from time to time. Matt

          1. Sounds good! I sure will:) And nice spot of the Kestrel! I don’t think I’ve seen one from my yard – love that bird

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