Sullivan County WILSON’S PHALAROPE, 05/31/21

I guess it was just a shorebird kind of weekend. This morning I went back to Skinners Lane; nearly all the shorebirds I had yesterday continued. Linda Scrima reported that the three Black-bellied Plovers, which I forgot to mention in yesterday’s post, also continued. I headed back to the west side of the Liberty Loop, convinced there had to be something good there. Maria Loukeris had the same idea and joined me out there, unfortunately we were both disappointed. But! When I got back to my car and was starting to head home, John Haas had put out a notification on the Mearn’s Bird Club app that he had a WILSON’S PHALAROPE at Morningside Park!

~What a gorgeous little shorebird – WILSON’S PHALAROPE at Morningside Park, 05/31/21.~

I hustled out to the park, and the bird hung in there. I joined John and several other birders as we enjoyed some of my best views ever of this species. What a treat it was and a great way to end a killer shorebird weekend. Huge thanks to John for locating the bird and for putting the word out. You can see his blog post about it here. If he hasn’t posted about it yet, I’m sure he will this afternoon or evening.

~Wilson’s Phalarope giving me a nice profile. Morningside Park, 05/31/21.~

~One more shot of the Wilson’s Phalarope at Morningside Park, 05/31/21.~

6 thoughts on “Sullivan County WILSON’S PHALAROPE, 05/31/21”

    1. Yeah, for sure John. To me, it’s a minor birding miracle that the bird was back so close when I arrived! I thought for sure I’d be looking miles out for it! Thanks again and congrats on a great find. Matt

    1. I totally agree Bill – definitely a favorite of mine and I think a lot of birders out there. Matt

  1. Great Wilsons shots. Had two red necked phalaropes at Brig a few weeks ago. Had a long weekend off of school and worked in a quick trip to North Carolina.Was home by Sat evening and Chased the Heermanns at Cape May on Monday., Yesterday Jose and I made our trip up to Ironwood for the Brewsters and Golden Wings.

    1. Thanks Bruce. You have really been busy! My goodness, that’s a lot of travel. But also a lot of good birds, especially the Heermans. Matt

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