Carson C. Waxwing Update, 09/17/20

So, I finally connected with Giselle from the Avian Wildlife Center to get an update on Carson, the Cedar Waxwing Fledgling. If you missed this story, you can scroll back to mid August or check here, here, and here to catch up.

Carson is doing well, but has not be released back into the wild yet. When I dropped him off at the center, his feather condition was less than perfect, so they are going to wait for Carson to molt before the release him/her. Carson was also tested for fecal parasites, which came back positive, but it has been treated.

So, now it’s a waiting game, once Carson molts he/she will be released. The good news is that the center is currently housing several other Cedar Waxwings, so Carson will be in good company for the release. Stay tuned… I’ll update again when I can.

I hope Carson gets released soon – I’m running out of photos!

6 thoughts on “Carson C. Waxwing Update, 09/17/20”

  1. Matt – Great work with the CEWA and persistence to find and feed it. Giselle does great work. She has done many presentations for at Bergen County Audubon.

  2. Alright Matt – way to go. Being a dad is always tough as one day your baby will leave the ‘nest’. Hoping for a safe release. Thanks for the update.

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