Easter 2020

To those of you celebrating, I wish you a Happy Easter. I got out in the morning and as luck would have it, I was able to take what I feel are some very appropriate photos. It was another pretty morning, cool and sunny just how I like it. I stayed local for the most part, and I spent some time in my NY Breeding Bird Atlas priority block; I watched a pair of Eastern Phoebe at Goosepond Mountain visiting a probable nest, so that was promising. I hope everyone is healthy and celebrating this strange version of the holiday in some fashion.

~Northern Mockingbird at Knapp’s View, 04/12/20.~
~Another shot of the NOMO at Knapp’s View. This bird was very accommodating!~
~Eastern Bluebird at Wickham Lake, 04/12/20. I watched this bird and its mate building a nest in the bluebird box near the lake.~

8 thoughts on “Easter 2020”

  1. No phoenix, but we all have our resurrections of one type or another, regardless of belief.
    Thank you. So pretty! Love the colours of the Eastern Bluebird.
    “And then my heart with pleasure fills,
    And dances with the daffodils.”

    1. Thanks Norma, I like how the the blue of that bird really pops on that background. And, the Wordsworth reference is lovely (no, I didn’t know it, I had to Google it). Matt

  2. Great blue bird and mono shots . The canon 7d Mark 2 and the new 100-400 is working out very well for you A very sharp combination. I consider myself more of a birder than a photographer so am thankful for the few good shots I get . I am happy with the new Nikon 500pf. But at times still miss a zoom. It is getting harder to it’d do m y of the good areas here because the county and state parks are closed . Tried to bird the Negri Neponte. Grasslands yesterday afternoon but found that closed also . Was thankful that the grounds of the Sherman Hoffman sanctuary are still open as well as parts of the Great Swamp

    1. Thanks Bruce, I think it’s a pretty good combination. The Nike 500 PF looks a really good option; I’d miss the zoom too, but really not all that much, just time to time. Things are better in NYS – most places are open, although two of my favorite local lakes (Greenwood and Glenmere) are both closed. Matt

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