Wow! Three Orange County ICELAND GULLS, 12/06/19

One of these days I’m going to write a post about timing and luck in birding. This afternoon I had an appointment in Newburgh. I scheduled it perfectly (do we create our own luck?), finishing my appointment in time to go to the Newburgh Waterfront to try for gulls before sunset. As luck would have it, there were many gulls present, mostly floating out on the river. I started scanning, and quickly got on a first winter ICELAND GULL.

~One of three ICELAND GULLS at the Newburgh Waterfront this evening, 12/06/19.~

Shortly after I got on the bird, many of the gulls picked up and and then put down on the roof of Gully’s. They didn’t stay for long and moved back onto the river. It took me a little while to relocate the bird, but when I did, it was with a second ICELAND GULL! I was able to document the two birds together before they once again flew from the river to the roof of Gully’s. John Cavalari joined me at that point and got his lifer Iceland Gull, which was awesome.

~Two Iceland Gulls on the Hudson River at the Newburgh Waterfront, 12/06/19.~

John left and I decided to scan the remaining birds on the river one final time. When I did, I found a third Iceland Gull! I immediately pointed my scope back at the roof of Gully’s, and sure enough the other two were still there! Those of you who know me know how crazy I am for gulls; to get a single good gull in an evening makes me freak out. Imagine how I was with three! Awesome birding.

~Flying back to the roof of Gully’s, Iceland Gull 12/06/19.~
~Join the party! Iceland Gull landing on the roof of Gully’s at the Newburgh Waterfront 12/06/19.~

8 thoughts on “Wow! Three Orange County ICELAND GULLS, 12/06/19”


    As I told you I was down there on Wednesday and actually was feeding the gulls some scraps 50 feet from where you had those lovely Icelands. Yesterday I was back there late in the afternoon and, again, NO Icelands!

    They are always a joy to see and three in one day – – – – – – FANTASTIC!!!

    CONGRATULATIONS and thanks for showing my friend, and new Mearns member, John Cavalari Jr.
    Thanks also for sharing the story and your always great shots.

    1. It was very lucky Ken, no doubt about it. I hope they stick and more folks can get them tomorrow. It was a pleasure to meet John; I look forward to seeing him out in the field for years to come.

  2. Congratulations on getting three Icelands, Matt! Another great find. I absolutely love the photo of the gulls on the roof of Gully’s! The various neutral shades of the gulls and the texture of their bodies crowded together contrasted with the delicate rusty brown leaves as a backdrop are breathtakingly beautiful.

    1. Thanks so much Kathy. I always enjoy hearing about your favorite photo – you have such an interesting take on things. Matt

  3. Great shots. I particularly like the crowded whites, the gray-brown transition and then the brown leaves – perfect timing to take that one!

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