Sunday Shots, 09/01/19

Wow, September already. The only real birding excitement today was a revisit to the STILT SANDPIPER from yesterday. Bruce Nott relocated the bird first thing this morning and reported it on the Mearns app. He was still there when I arrived; we were joined shortly by Linda Scrima and then John Haas. The bird cooperated and came in pretty close, but unfortunately I didn’t really improve on my photos from yesterday because the bird was backlit. Anyways, not too much else going today, so here’s some shots from the past few days.

~I always enjoy seeing this bird. Horned Lark in the black dirt, 09/01/19.~
~Least Sandpipers in flight at Wallkill River NWR, 08/29/19.~
~Great Egret at Glenmere (Beaver) Pond on Pine Hill Road, Chester 08/30/19.~
~Red-tailed Hawk overhead at Glenmere Pond, 08/31/19.~
~This bird did not seem to be all that far out, but this shot is taken with my 1.4x extender and then cropped pretty heavily. STILT SANDPIPER at Glenmere Pond, 09/01/19.~

2 thoughts on “Sunday Shots, 09/01/19”

  1. Ran into Bruce this morning and he told mentioned the stilt sandpiper. We unfortunately didn’t see it when we were there.
    Next time

    1. I was there yesterday around noon and the bird was nowhere in sight. Birding so often has so much to do with timing. Good luck if you try again. Matt

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