Westchester County WESTERN KINGBIRD, 08/24/19

This morning, eight days after the bird was initially located, I finally ran for the WESTERN KINGBIRD at Croton Point Park. I was joined by birding buds Linda Scrima and Maria Loukeris, and I can tell you this is the way to run for a bird. We showed up, parked, and immediately found two birders that were on the bird. It was perched high in a distant tree line, we viewed it through one of the birder’s scope and took some documentary photographs. Twenty minutes later the bird flew in close and perched relatively nearby in several different spots, in very nice light. The bird was my 304th species in New York State; it was a life bird for both Linda and Maria.

~Good looking bird – WESTERN KINGBIRD at Croton Point Park, 08/24/19. I’m not sure why, but heat shimmer was a real problem while shooting this bird; sadly nearly every one of my shots had evidence of it. ~
~WESTERN KINGBIRD at Croton Point State Park, 08/24/19.~
~Osprey at Croton Point Park, 08/24/19. We had a fabulous morning with raptors, with 7 species seen: Black Vulture (2) , Turkey Vulture (many), Bald Eagle (3), Red-tailed Hawk (3), Oprey (3 at least), Cooper’s Hawk (1), and Peregrine Falon (1).
~One final shot of the WESTERN KINGBIRD, Croton Point Park, 08/24/19.~

4 thoughts on “Westchester County WESTERN KINGBIRD, 08/24/19”

  1. Sweet! So glad you were able to get this beautiful bird. You had much better weather than Karen and I had yesterday. It was an excellent day for raptors here as well.

    1. The weather was ideal this morning – sunny and cool. But I also think the temperature difference between the cool air and the hot ground caused the heat shimmer. That said it’s hard to complain about such a gorgeous morning. Oh, and yes – raptors!!! Hawkwatch starts in a week! Matt

  2. Great shots again. Have been out a few times this past week and picked up a few year birds- golden Plover and pectoral sandpiper

    1. Thanks Bruce. I was disappointed in them – they looked so much better on the back of the camera – you know how that goes. Congrats on the A Golden-Plover and the Pec, I still need both for OC. When will the shorebirds get here?


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