Orange County CLIFF SWALLOWS, 07/13/19

QUICK POST: My birding time was limited this morning, but I made the best of it by following up on an eBird report by Scott Barnes from earlier in the week. He reported 40 Cliff Swallows at Silver Mine Lake in Harriman State Park; the birds were still present today and my best count was 37. It was certainly the highlight of my morning, I hiked around the lake to some extent (just under 3 miles), and had a total of 36 species (all the usual suspects). It’s actually a nice area to hike and it was quite birdy, but be aware that parking in that lot right now costs $6.00.

~Cliff Swallow at Silver Mine Lake, Harriman State Park 07/13/19.~
~Cliff Swallows at Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~Cliff Swallow at Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~I have this as a young Common Yellowthroat, but I’m not sure. Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~This is a young flycatcher, I’m not sure which species. Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~I couldn’t resist the nice lighting on this chipmunk, Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~Red-winged Blackbird at Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~
~If anyone can identify this, please comment! Silver Mine Lake, 07/13/19.~

6 thoughts on “Orange County CLIFF SWALLOWS, 07/13/19”

  1. Matt,
    I believe your photo is of a Five-lined Skink! That is a fantastic find! I’ve been looking my entire life, and have yet to see this rare skink of New York State. Good for you! John

    1. Oh that’s exciting, John! I did a quick google and it looks like we are right on the edge of their range… you never know what you’ll find out there. Matt

  2. Seems like a fabulous morning, Matt! Love the Cliff Swallows and the Five-lined Skink is a fabulous find. It certainly pays to get out bright and early.

    1. It was really enjoyable, Kathy. I’m still excited about the skink. I had no idea! Matt

  3. Matt
    Your lizard photo is of a Eastern 5- line skink. Young Skinks have 5 white or yellowish stripes on a blackish body and a bright blue tail. As skinks grow older and larger they lose most of there color and become more uniform brown.

    1. Thanks so much for the information Tom – it’s much appreciated. I think I need to branch out a bit a start learning more than just the birds. Matt

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