An Interesting Discovery, 07/02/19

Yesterday on my way home, I saw an interesting raptor in flight over Route 6 west just before the Woodbury Commons outlets (I’m thinking Mississippi Kite is a definite possibility). There was nowhere to pull over, so I eventually ended up turning around and headed back east on Route 6, to try and get another look at the bird. Of course, I didn’t see the bird again as I passed. So, I then had to drive up the mountain to turn around and head west on Route 6 again to head home. When I did that, I remembered that there is a rest area lookout on my way back (see map below). I pulled into the rest area and scanned for the raptor, but again, no luck. But, I did find something else – an absolutely massive Great Blue Heron rookery! I don’t know if others know about this rookery already, but it was new to me. I scanned several times and my high count was 45 Great Blue Herons! I thought that was a pretty lucky find, and I will be getting back to the area this weekend in hopes that I’ll get a look at my mystery raptor.

~The birds are at quite a distance – I took this with my 1.4x extender and then cropped it. Great Blue Heron rookery in Harriman NY, 07/02/19.~
~I dropped a pin where I think the rookery is located, near the power cut to the northwest of the rest area lookout.~

10 thoughts on “An Interesting Discovery, 07/02/19”

  1. That sounds like the largest roost of the GBHEs ever found in Orange County. GREAT find, Matt!

  2. WOW!!! that is absolutely amazing Matt.
    And……, they look like they are really easy to watch.
    Usually they are obscured once the leaves come out or
    at best difficult to see. Thank you.
    I’m sure you will be birding today. Have a great day.


    1. I have to say that they are actually quite distant, Wilma. Binoculars are necessary, a scope is that much better. I was out today – at Harriman State Park; I’ll post about it later today. Matt

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