Rough-legged Hawk At Skinner Lane

I made a quick stop by Skinner Lane today and got lucky with this beautiful Rough-legged Hawk.

What a surprise to find this beautiful very dark Rough-legged Hawk today at Skinner Lane.
Here’s a good look at the under wing pattern. RLHA at Skinner Lane 2-3-13.


From my car I watched this bird hunt over a small field for nearly 45 minutes and it did not seem bothered by my presence, but as you can see from this photo, the hawk definitely knew I was there. When I left the bird was in the same tree looking away from me and scanning the field below.

Here’s a couple more:

RLHA at Skinner Lane 2-3-13
RLHA at Skinner Lane 2-3-13.





7 thoughts on “Rough-legged Hawk At Skinner Lane”

  1. Nice shots Matt , I’ve found the Roughlegs to be very timid, You don’t get that close very often. I think those Darks are beautiful.
    Ralph T

    1. Thanks Ben – glad you got out to the grasslands. That place is amazing. Did you stay late enough for the Short-eared Owls?

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