Sunday Shots – Grasslands Edition, 01/13/19

~Northern Harrier coming right at the blind, Shawangunk Grasslands, 01/13/19.~

QUICK POST: I got out this morning into the early afternoon. I started at sunrise in a blind at the Shawangunk Grasslands, ran for the GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE in Wallkill, and then ended up in the black dirt. It was cold but for the most part the light was great for photos and the birds were pretty cooperative, which made for a nice day.

~Northern Harrier at the Grasslands, 01/13/19.~
~Northern Harrier at the Grasslands, 01/13/19.~
~Northern Harrier at the Grasslands, 01/13/19.~
~This is one of the reasons I wanted to get a 1.4x extender – these geese are always so darn far away, and this helps to document them. GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE on the Wallkill River near Wallkill NY, 01/13/19.~
~Not always a cooperative bird, I watched this Northern Flicker feed on something deep under the leaf litter for a good 10 minutes. NOFL in the black dirt, 01/13/19.~
~This is not a bird I photograph very often. Northern Cardinal in the black dirt, 01/13/19. I took this with my 1.4 extender – I think you can tell, but the results aren’t too bad in my opinion. I wouldn’t normally use it for this kind of shot, but I had it on from the Greater White-fronted Goose.~

12 thoughts on “Sunday Shots – Grasslands Edition, 01/13/19”

  1. Thanks for your devotion and perseverance, I (and your co-birders and followers, I’m sure) get to enjoy your stories and amazing photos. It’s a joy for me to see the beautiful plumage of these creatures and learn of their feeding, mating, and social habits from your own accounts.

    1. I’m glad you are getting so much from the blog, Norma, it makes my day to hear that. I’ll keep posting, I hope you keep reading. Matt

  2. Love your photos and the running commentary along with them. Your enthusiasm is infectious. I confess I really don’t enjoy birding in the cold especially on a windy day.

    1. I’ll confess that I really didn’t want to go out in the cold on Sunday. But, I’m glad I did; once I was out it was totally worth it. Matt

  3. Hi Matt – thanks to you and your blog , I went to look for the Greater White fronted goose in Wallkill and was successful in finding this life bird . Also had a dark morph snow goose there which was also a first for me . Afterwards ,I headed to Shawangunk Grasslands and was rewarded with several Northern Harriers and several Short-eared owls ! I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing your awesome photos … thought you might like to hear that it helped me plan a successful day off !

    1. You really hit it out of the park Liz! Congrats on a really great day, I’m glad I was a small part of it! Matt

  4. Got out to Point Pleasant and Belmar area this morning. Missed the snow bunting but had 3 razorbills and the Eurasian Widgeon at Shark River. You may get hit with a bit of the white stuff tonight.

    1. I keep missing Snow Buntings too. That Eurasian Wigeon, grrr, we just couldn’t find that bird. We got the snow and ice like you said, it will be interesting to see if the birding is any good later today. Matt

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