The Week in Photos, 06/17/18

~Black Bear seen during an 8 mile hike at Sterling Forest State Park, Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary, 06/17/18.~

It’s the time of year when just about all of the birds in our area are expected breeders, so I didn’t have any real surprises this week. I got out a good amount and, I have to say, the birding has been really enjoyable. It’s a time of year to just enjoy seeing the birds, and to watch their behavior, and, of course, to photograph them. Here’s a sampling of the birds (and bears) I had in the past week.

~Fluffed up female Bobolink with prey at Knapp’s View in Chester, NY, 06/15/18. These birds are relatively easy to photograph, so I was hoping to get some more interesting shots.~
~A male Bobolink changes perches. Knapp’s View, 06/15/18.~
~Acadian Flycatcher at Black Rock Forest. On Saturday 06/16/18  I went to the main parking area and mapped out a 7 mile hike, which was enjoyable and pretty darn birdy. 
~Eastern Kingbird in flight at Wallkill River NWR’s Liberty Loop, 06/14/18.~ 
~A recently fledged White-breasted Nuthatch surveys the situation at Sterling Forest SP’s Doris Duke Wildlife Sanctuary, 06/17/18.~ 
~It’s been a while since I’ve photographed any American Goldfinches. This one was at Liberty Marsh, Wallkill River NWR, 06/14/18.~ 
~I’m really enjoying seeing all the young birds. Chipping Sparrow at Black Rock Forest, 06/16/18.~ 
~Green Heron flyover at the Liberty Loop, Wallkill River NWR, 06/14/18.~ 
~One more Bobolink photo – Knapp’s View, 06/15/18.~ 

12 thoughts on “The Week in Photos, 06/17/18”

  1. Great pictures ! The female bobolink made me chuckle – such personality !… and once again , thanks for the tip on a good spot to go birding … I need to plan a trip to Sterling Forest to the sanctuary you mentioned … looks like it would be great .

    1. I really love Sterling Forest – you can buy a map at the visitor’s center – I did and it opened up a world to me., there are so many options for good hiking and birding. Glad you like the Bobolink – she made me smile too. Matt

    1. Thanks so much Dave. The bear was a nice surprise, although I had a feeling I’d see one on Sunday – I’ve seen bears near that location before so maybe that’s why they were on my mind. I love summer birding, in spite of the heavy vegetation that wants to hide the birds. Matt

  2. Nice shots, Matt
    I like the different poses.
    The same old portraits get boring, but these show
    more markings and personality.


    1. Thanks Wilma, that’s sort of what I was going for – trying to keep it as fresh as possible (although sometimes a standard portrait can just be nice too). Matt

  3. Love your Stare Bear picture! Beautiful! But then all your shots are.
    How close (or far) was the bear when you took the shot?

    1. Thanks Denise! I was actually pretty close to that bear – it was in the grasses at a power cut right in front of me as I emerged from the woods. I took some quick pics and then made some noise and the bear moved on. Matt

    1. Thanks Bruce, and good for you – Ken is awesome, as are Uppies. I’d like to get up there for them soon. Matt

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