Whoa… Orange County BOBCAT!





~What a beautiful creature – Bobcat in Orange County, NY 05/21/18.~

Yesterday after work I birded later than usual. I wanted to stay out to see if I could hear Whip-poor-wills to add them to my year list. As I waited, the insects got worse and worse, so I finally took respite in my car for a few minutes. I sat with the window open so I could still hear, and remarkably, the bugs were leaving me alone. I must have caught a bit of movement out of the corner of my eye, because I never heard a sound. I turned to my left to witness a BOBCAT slinking through the grass. It was nearly dark, but fortunately I had adjusted my camera for the best possible results (I cranked the ISO up to 12,800!), just in case I needed it. I grabbed my camera off the passenger seat and took some initial shots – as soon as the cat heard the shutter he looked my way and the above shot is the result. The bobcat continued through the grass and eventually made its way down the trail. I could hardly breathe, I was so excited! I couldn’t get over the size; I’d seen a bobcat one other time only, and that cat was much smaller than this one. What an incredible experience; I got so lucky and I probably have the bugs to thank for it! And to top the night off, I heard several Whip-poor-wills calling right after the bobcat had moved on.

~Bobcat in OC, 05/21/18.~


25 thoughts on “Whoa… Orange County BOBCAT!”

  1. Matt, it’s not a bird but I’m glad you took a picture of the bobcat. It’s nocturnal, so lucky you! If I saw it, I wouldn’t know what it was except that it belongs to the cat family. Alas, it has a short lifespan of seven years.

  2. That is a wonderful shot! Lucky. But you were prepared. Nature photography is like that. I very much enjoy reading your posts.

    1. Thank you, Anne. I was prepared this time; who knows how many times I wasn’t, I’ve lost count. I’m glad you are enjoying the blog. Matt

  3. Excellent Matt! it’s always an amazing experience to see these beautiful animals, and you got great shots to boot!

    1. I’ve been holding on to the memory of the first one I saw several years back – now I have the pics to go with this one. Matt

  4. Magnificent, Matt, and I love the contrast of the delicate Dandelion seed heads with the wildness and power of the Bobcat! And you got Whip-poor-wills to boot! It doesn’t get much better than that.

    1. Thanks so much Kathy. The Whip-poor-wills were a definite bonus and the reason I was there that late to begin with! Matt

  5. Unbelievable. Congrats Matt -just a gorgeous shot.
    Out of curiosity – what general area of Orange County were you?

  6. Your Bobcat certainly created a flood of comments including mine. You were in the right place at the right time. Great pictures. Great memory!

    1. Definitely right place, right time. I always feel like if you get out enough, it will happen eventually, although sometimes it feels like it will never happen again. Matt

  7. So lucky to have caught a VIEW of this beautiful creature, but to get this shot …. Thank-you for sharing!!!

    1. I know Nancy, so lucky for sure. I always hoped if got another chance I’d get a pic – it’s made me very happy. I currently still have bobcat on the brain. Matt

  8. Wow! The captures are absolutely stunning! Awesome experience and images, thanks for sharing its inspiring!

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