More SNGO Shots, 01/26/17

The flock of Snow Geese not only remained in the black dirt today, it grew in size, pushing 5,000 birds. I got out of work on time today and thanks to Bruce Nott I was able to drive directly to the birds, where I met up with Wilma Amthor and Linda Scrima to enjoy the show. The birds picked up often and the light was intermittently very good, so we enjoyed watching and photographing the birds. Beautiful birds, beautiful evening.

4 thoughts on “More SNGO Shots, 01/26/17”

  1. One of the things we miss most about being in Florida at this time of year is the almost yearly return of the snow geese to the black dirt area. Your images “brought us back home”. Great shots….much appreciated!

    1. Excellent to hear Dave. It’s truly a spectacle, as you know, one that we are lucky to have up here. We won’t talk about the huge numbers of birds all over the place in Florida, lol. Matt

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