Orange County BLACK SCOTER, 10/9/16

~BLACK SCOTER at Wickham Lake, 10/9/16.~

QUICK POST: This afternoon, Linda Scrima, Kyle Dudgeon, and I ran to Wickham Lake for a BLACK SCOTER that was located earlier in the day by Rob Stone. When we arrived, the bird was very distant, but identifiable with scope views. Kyle had to run, but Linda and I walked the trail on the east side of the lake to get a better look and some photos. The bird was closer from that side of the lake, but spent most of its time tucked in. It finally untucked a couple of times and I was able to get some documentary shots of the bird. I was particularly excited because it was the 205th species I’ve had in Orange County this year. Thanks once again to Rob Stone, who just keeps finding great birds.

Another highlight was seeing a pair of Bald Eagles sharing a branch as a perch. It was a little bit distant, but I’ve included a photo of the cute couple.

~Black Scoter with Ruddy Ducks at Wickham Lake, 10/9/16.~
~It was pretty cool to see this couple of Bald Eagles perched together. Wickham Lake, 10/9/16.~
~Earlier in the day, Kyle and I went to State Line Hawkwatch. In spite of the rain that was falling, many Bald Eagles and Osprey were flying. Grainy shot of a Bald Eagle over the Hudson River, 10/9/16.~ 


2 thoughts on “Orange County BLACK SCOTER, 10/9/16”

  1. Sounds like a wonderful day of birding, Matt! Love the Bald Eagle pair.
    Congratulations on your 205th bird for the year!

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