Hidden Heron, 8/14/16

Just a week and a day after getting decent photos of an adult Black-crowned Night-Heron at DeKorte Park, I was pleasantly surprised by this juvenile that I saw this morning at Wallkill River National Wildlife Refuge. I inadvertently flushed the bird when I paused on the trail to watch an American Kestrel hunting. I watched as the heron briefly flew, then landed and stashed itself in the heavy vegetation. The bird does not look very hidden in this photo, but I can tell you that it took me a long while searching with my binoculars to relocate the bird, and that was after having seen where it had flown in. BCNHs are one of my favorites and it’s always a thrill to see one, especially in Orange County.

IMG_3989 - Version 2


10 thoughts on “Hidden Heron, 8/14/16”

  1. I had hidden birds today also … 2 Broad-winged Hawks whistling in the orchard at the Bash. Took me a while to see one and I knew he was right above me. I only got fair looks at one, never saw the second one, but it was fun to listen to them calling each other. Unfortunately they were too hidden for pictures.
    Congrats on yours!

    1. Oh that’s so excellent. I had a similar experience this week with Red-shouldered Hawks – three of them calling and flying through the woods and only allowing the quickest glimpses of the birds; it was exciting and fun. Also coincidentally, Kyle and I had a pair of BWHAs when we were at the Bash yesterday. Matt

  2. Your photos amaze me. Not just this one but so many others that you have posted. Keep that camera going.

  3. Great shot Matt
    I haven’t been out much….trying to housebreak a puppy!!!

    I forgot how time consuming that is!!!!


    1. Great to hear from you Wilma! It’s been ages. Congrats on the puppy, I hope it’s going well; the birds will still be there when the puppy is house broken. Matt

  4. Have been computer sentenced to the darkness of a study…so your shots bring me proof that maybe some day I’ll escape. Bravo on the quality…and imagination to shot at the right moment. Best, Wayne

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